Brighu Lake Trek

Name of the Bhrighu Lake come’s from the Bhrighu RIshi, a Sapt Rishi, who worshiped around the Lake for many years. The Beautiful bhrighu lake trek starts from Kothi Village, last village of the Kullu valley. The trail goes through pine, golden oak and Silver Birch forest to the meadows of Gulaba and Pandu Ropa. Breathtaking panoramic view from Bhrighu peak makes it really amazing which includes these famous peaks Hanuman Tibba peak (5978m),Friendship Peak (5300m), Manali Peak (5600m), Muker Beh (6200m), Deo Tibba (6001m), Indrason (6227m), Gepan Goh (5878m) etc. And also four valleys, Kullu valley, Solang alley, Hamta Valley,and Jobari Vally. The Trek ends with natural hot water bath at Vashisht- a holy place of Vashisht Rishi.

Trip Duration Difficulty Max. height Trek Start Trek End
3 days (2 nights) Moderate 4300m Kothi Vashisht


Day 1
Manali To Raualikholi, 6 to7 hours (3700m)
Drive to Kothi Village (2500m) Last village of Kullu Valley, on the way to Rohtang Pass and start the Trek from roadside. It’s steady ascent of 1200m, which goes through pine, oak and birch forest and continue to the meadows. Throughout the day great view back to Solang Valley and Hanuman Tibba (5978m), Friendship Peak (5300m), Manali Peak (5600m), Muker Beh (6200m), will accompany us. Tonight’s Camp at the atmosphere bowl of Raulikholi.

Day 2
Raulikholi to Panduropa via Bhighu Lake, 6 to 7 hours (3650m)
Today’s trekking will take us once more on to the high plateaus above the Kullu valley. Start the day with an assent up to Bhrighu Lake (4250m.) another isolated spot; the lake nestles under its own peak which stands at (4500m.) Climb the Bhrighu Lake peak which offers 360 degree view of the mighty Himalaya which includes Hanuman Tibba peak (5978m), Friendship Peak (5300m), Manali Peak (5600m), Muker Beh (6200m), Deo Tibba (6001m), Indrasan (6227m), Gepan Goh (5878m), and four valleys which are Kullu valley, Solang alley, Hamta Valley,and Jobari Vally. Finally descend down to Panduropa the camp side just above the tree line and have a last chance to savior the magnificent views.

Day 3
Pandu Ropa to Vashisht, 3 to 4 (2150m.)
Today we make a steep descent throughout the day to finish the trek. The trail winds its way through the various types of vegetation on offer in the valley, as we get closer to the village of Vashisht, will hopefully see some of the areas wonderful wildlife. Snow cock, Monal, and khalij Pheasants are some of the many birds around here and above there are sure to be plenty of eagles and vultures gliding effortlessly through the skies. Vashisht is famous for its natural hot spring and upon arriving in village we'll head straight for a relaxing bath, the perfect way to end the trek.


Includes – Jeep Manali to Dungari village, jeep Billing to Bir, all Tented accommodation, all meals, communal trekking equipment (tents, kitchen, sleeping beg, sleeping mat, horse/porters..), guide, cook.

Excludes – First day breakfast and last day dinner. Transportation to reach Manali & leaving from Bir. Accommodation at Manali and Bir

Number of people Price per person
1 RS 16,000
2 RS 9,000
3 RS 8,100
4 RS 7,200
5 RS 6,600
6 RS 6,000
7 RS 5,400
8+ RS 5,100

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